Coaching: Special Offer For Pride

Happy Pride! Both Trixie & Digger want to Thank You for joining us in Making Pride Not Shame – our Pride weekend Queericulum workshop at Comfort & Joy’s ‘Afterglow’ celebrationon June 25, 2022.

Trixie Lamonte (aka Ariel Vegosen) is a sex, relationship, confidence, & poly coach you can find at

Digger Keith is a sex, relationship, and charisma coach ( and Vicemaster of Queericulum – Comfort & Joy’s Queer, Edgy, Learning & Development Effort. Queericulum is always looking for participants, if you are interested reach out to

Our super brief Pride pep talk at Afterglow is just the tip of the iceberg of ways that we help empower folks with their social, relational, charismatic, and sexual skills that make life wayeeee better. 

We invite you to meet one or both of us separately for free consultation(s) to share our approaches specific to your goals. We can answer all your questions and discuss the possibilities to help you decide your next step.

To celebrate Pride, we’re offering: 


For community folks like you, Ariel & Digger want to offer you your first coaching session FREE ($200+ value) but you MUST make a booking for your initial consultation (also free) before Monday, June 27 (you schedule it for anytime in the next month). At that initial consultation we can book that first free coaching session. Book this free consultation now, for Digger click here. For Ariel book here
We want to give you a proper taste of what’s possible. This is a 75 minute session via zoom or in-person (your choice) valued at over $200. No obligation. Ask about our sliding scale slots, there may still be a few left, but move quick before they’re gone.
But you MUST book your free consultation today before the weekend ends on Monday June 27th, – schedule the consultation for anytime in the month ahead Digger Keith &/or Trixie. Mention this offer and during the free consultation we’ll book your first coaching visit free.
Because Ariel & Digger have similar but very different styles and experience, we encourage you to consult with one or both of us to find the best fit for you.  Our skills and talents may overlap, but we also have our unique styles, approaches, and skillsets. Therefore, if you book a consultation with Ariel and later decide to work with Digger, he’ll honor your free coaching offer, and vice versa.
If you have any questions feel free to email or or Ariel at